Foundation is the prominent spiritual philosophy on Egerion. Think of it as a single unifying theory encompassing all the D&D Gods AND Planes.

It is a non-proselytizing order. It recognizes the presence of the Gods and Planar forces but strives to minimize their impact on humans. Instead they believe in the individual “inner light” or “foundation”.

In some ways it is similar to Buddhism, in that in teaches of a oneness. A unity of all life. A Foundation, often referred to as the “inner light”. By the belief that there is an inner unity of all beings and therefore an innate equality. However there is no accompanying philosophical opposition to violence. Foundation sees a balance in all things, and while good should be the goal, it is not a given. Ergo, there will be war, battles, violence, evil, and everything in between.

Foundation holds itself above the politics of Egerion and acts as a universally respected arbiter of justice.

The Monks of Foundation are universally respected and looked to for advice and judgment.

The Clerics Of Foundation act as personal moral and ethical guides and servants of their communities.

The Hands of Foundation are looked to as protectors of the innocent and humanity as a whole.

The Head of Foundation is seen as a combination of the Pope, the Dali Lama, and Gandhi; the Head is looked to for advice and guidance by leaders all over Egerion.

Foundation maintains “Sanctuaries” in most settlements of the “Thorpe” size and larger. These “sanctuaries” serve as havens for those in need. Council for any seeking guidance. Courts for those with disagreements. They are considered sovereign territory by most governments on Egerion.

Foundation has been granted and guaranteed land by all governments on Egerion. Foundation is the common name for that land, a large peninsula central to most of the planet.


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