Egerion 1

Great First Meeting
...and a fine start to the campaign!

Well, that was a great start! Here is your log for the session:

You all awoke in a room together. After some preliminaries you were introduced to Jonathon, the Holdfast Steward, and Lord Captain Durmott. You were told that you were called, and that you literally appeared out of thin air in a locked room. You were directed to go to Foundation’s Heart and our questions will be answered.

You arrived at Polstead a day later to find Maryam distraught over her missing husband. You go look for him.

Along the way you encounter and defeat a Black Bear (which Solidar decapitates and ties to his saddle).

Later you are startled by a bandit whose initial shot misses the party. After dispatching him you search around and find 3 more. While dealing with them one raises an alarm bringing 2 more running. you kill one and capture the other, but he is too drunk to tell you much.

Looking farther you find another large bandit (the Captain the drunk told you about) and engage him. After a hard fight you are victorious after your Druid burns him to an ember. You recover some treasure and find Burdett tied and gagged. Returning to Polstead Maryam is overjoyed to have Burdett back. You awake the next morning and breakfast. You finished the session preparing to leave Polstead.


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